Skin micro injections – activating your skins regeneration process

Benefits of Dermapen

The Dermapen™ treatment is an innovative technology of fractional micro injections. Due to a system of pulsating needles, the natural regeneration processes, which are performed within the skin, are stimulating. It significantly enhances skins condition. The treatment allows introducing the active substances deeply into the skin, stimulating fibroblasts and at the same time activating skins regeneration processes.

Due to the technology of pulsating needles, Dermapen is the most effective and safe method using in skin micro injections. The therapy reduces minor wrinkles, extended sabaceous gland and acne scars. The treatment is also used in order to unify skin colouration and to reduce the visibility of stretch marks.

As opposed to derma-rollers and the traditional Mesotherapy, Dermapen allows the precise depth of injections (within the scope of 0,25mm to 2,5mm). The patented technology of pulsating needles has a strong influence on the effectiveness and safety of the treatment. The procedure with Dermapen reduces the convalescence period and enables a quick return to everyday activities.

Ideal for:

Skin rejuvenation

Acne scaring

Anti Ageing


Sun damage


Stretch marks


Enlarged pores

Hair regeneration/ Alopecia

Use on face/hands/body